Reinforce your Organization’s Business with HR Software in Saudi Arabia

Since payroll is an important part of employee management, providing the latest solutions can help your business streamline processes and improve payroll accuracy. There is so much confusion out there when selecting the best HR software because many digital solutions are not up to the mark and clients then don’t invest much in these type of solutions.

HR Software in Saudi Arabia which help you to gain new heights of success for you company by managing all the enterprise HR functions. Its Payroll Software in Saudi Arabia can also relieve you from all the worries of payroll management.

There are many ways in which Cloud HR Software in Saudi Arabia can help you ease your tasks.

Payroll Management:

As the name suggests, this module would automatically calculate the monthly pay checks of your employees based on the hours they have worked in total, as well as any retirement plans, deductions for taxes. It also takes into account any additional pay, bonuses or promotions.

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Time & Attendance Management:

Since employees will be able to digitally log their attendance, now keeping track of the hours worked by an employee is a hassle-free process. This feature also records sick leaves and vacations. This payroll software has time and attendance built in, while others may require integrating with an attendance module.

Report Generation:

This feature generates compensation analysis, deduction analysis, gross-to-net payroll register, and more – is one of the most important features of a payroll application, this software will offer reporting templates, but user can also create reports.

Benefits Management:

This module can come as a separate module or built-in, depending upon the requirement. Businesses will be able to keep track of benefits offered like vacation/sick leaves, insurance and retirement, among other benefits.

Employee Portal:

A self-service employee portal is becoming an increasingly common feature in HR Software in Saudi Arabia nowadays, Employees can access the portal via a mobile app or web browser, regardless of the location, and view – as well as make changes – to current pay stub. They will also be able to access all the HR information, and their own personal information.

Contact Details:
Phone: +966138454267
Address: Alrasmyat, 4th floor-City Tower,
Custodian of The Two Holy Mosques Road,
Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia


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