Unmask the secrets to success using HR Software

According to recent research, most businesses are shifting towards cloud-based solutions. Cloud based solutions reduce the upfront investment cost and provide many billing features. Previously whenever an organization needed the software solution they tend to hire the development experts and explicitly elaborate all the requirements. This is not the case with modern solutions because they have become more like plug-n-play.

PeopleQlik is a cloud based HR Software in Saudi Arabia, which was built keeping in mind major focus on producing measurable business results: productivity, job performance, retention trend, and ultimately, output results. Let’s look at many ways this HR software improves the way you do business and the adds the value to your existing workflow. Since payroll is an important part of employee management, PeopleQlik’s Payroll Software in Saudi Arabia provides you with the latest solution that can help your business streamline processes and improve payroll accuracy.


More Time Efficient Feedback Options:

While the annum performance review has certain merits that may anchor it in place for the forecast future, timely feedback is something that is becoming in demand more than ever. With the expectation in place, you can expect to see this Cloud HR Software in Saudi Arabia offering options that make it simple to instantly provide feedback using various options.

Primary Focus on Employee well being:

Smart companies know that employee wellness directly impacts productivity, retention, and of course attendance. Acquainting with wellness programs and sick days goes a little way towards addressing wellness issues, but this software can help companies to take it even farther if they put the right options in place.

A Wider Range of Predictive Analytics:

At this point, predictive analytics can be applied to HR data in order to forecast workforce needs, possible turnover trends, and a couple of other things that can help with business decisions. As the predictions become more accurate by using this software in your organization, you can witness the major indicators to help you in future decision making. Its Cloud HR Software solution supports HR to be an astonishing tactical enabler by improving your decision making with right data at the right time.


HR Software: Cost Center or Value Contributor?

Is your existing HR department a value contributor or a necessary cost center? For most businesses of any kind, HR is the department we most love to hate. It requires personnel, resources, and time, but it doesn’t necessarily move you forward toward your long-term goals. Thanks to recent advancement of cloud computing, that’s all changing.

Alrasmyat’s HR Software in Saudi Arabia which can fully optimize all your HR operations. The key is to consider how the activities of HR will improve overall performance, giving them better tools to perform their jobs more effectively. The focus is both on the relation (employee, manager) and process (completing paperwork). Basically it can help you to improve many of your existing operations like Higher productivity, Increased employee engagement, Reduced administrative time, Higher work software adoption rates, Better information for decision-making. Its Cloud HR Software in Saudi Arabia can help you in HR Management with many built-in features.

Prediction Analytics — Ease of access to large volumes of data, along with the ability to extract information and monitor user patterns, giving you the ability to answer key questions and predict trends in different departments like recruiting, turnover, compensation, and risk calculation. It helps you solve workforce business challenges, producing increased retention rates and higher engagement.

HR Software in Saudi Arabia

End-user experience — Optimized user-oriented HR Software in Saudi Arabia designs create higher adoption rates among employees and greater satisfaction on the job. Better user experiences make employees more efficient with their time, which translates into higher productivity.

Standard Administrative Processes — Performance reviews, candidate shortlisting, interviews conduct, and other processes can be standardized across the organization for greater optimization. Legacy processes can be updated to represent new organizational values and workforce best practices. Reduced administrative time helps both managers and employees maximize output and increase productivity.

Flexibility When you tend to use all operations in the cloud, your employees can work from anywhere. Managers can conduct performance reviews from any available gadget, and employees with flexible work arrangements can log their sessions in and out from home. Productivity flourishes and employees enjoy the perks to telecommute, which can result in greater job satisfaction, better performance , and better relationships with supervisors.


Keep track employees time-in and time-out with HR Software

Management and people dealing is not an easy task to accomplish. In organizations, HR managers have to deal with employees, clients and high rank management. To deal with people from different backgrounds, educational and professional levels, and behaviors, is in itself a difficulty. So with these difficult situations if a person has to tackle multiple roles like applicant management, payroll management and Time and Attendance Management, and then reporting all this to high management and boss, it becomes a huge weight on part of HR manager.

In these situations, where mostly people either inside or outside of organization, used to deceive, decision making becomes difficult. Applicant applying for a position deceive by writing experience more than they have to get themselves called for interview and don’t show up good performance. Employees work less than required hours and mark attendance more than they work. And still they want to get fully paid, want to get promotion and incentives too. So, keeping track of all this is very critical and at times hectic too.


Doing paper work can help HR Managers to catch time thieves? That’s really possible if a HR manager has like ten or twelve eyes and so for hands. But world has not gained that much technology or science advancement that a person has more than two eyes, hands or brain. So these limitations of human and manual work, persuaded to shift towards Technology and computing. Technology plays a vital role in changing the whole world. Work that take days even weeks can be done on single click. Most significant thing computers don’t get bored by done same task recursively.

Many organizations have shifted towards automation by Software to increase quality work and reduce number of human resources and workload on them. Time and Attendance Software are easily available that can help to get time thieves caught.

PeopleQlik’s Cloud HR Software, provides ease in dealing with time thieves employees by providing best time and Attendance Management Software, Payroll Software and applicant management software all under one roof. Alrasmyat satisfied their clients and has capability for cross-cities currency handling, their taxation rules and languages.

A trusted software with over 350+ clients trusted organization experience to tackle with HR Management tasks to have competitive and best employees in organization who don’t deceive and time thieves.

How HR Bots revolutionize HR? – PeopleQlik

An HR bot is an Intelligent machine which talks and communicate like human beings and provide timely assistance to customers, employees and officials.

With this in mind, following are the ways in which an HR bot can revolutionize the way HR teams communicate and engage with employees:

  1. Mobile devices enables employees to connect with HR:

It’s common to see your colleagues sending messages on their mobile phones during work hours. Factually, messaging apps have now beaten social networks in terms of monthly active users.

It only makes sense to implement a chatbot that allows employees and HR team to constantly be connected via their mobile devices. For example, just like you send a friend a Facebook message, an HR bot is able to receive an employee’s message and send an immediate response.

Chatbots are especially relevant for enterprises, as this group relies heavily on mobile messaging platforms and new digital technology to stay connected. HR bots are also extremely useful for the millions of employees that work remotely and don’t have face-to-face access to HR. In this way, more talent will be retained due to faster, better and easier forms of communication.

HR Department

  1. HR bots provide real time response, resulting in faster employee decisions:

We know that HR Software is capable of sending out an overwhelming load of information, usually during open enrollment. Yet, employees often misplace documents that are needed in the future or typically forget answers to important questions.

Rather than trying to remember everything at once, an HR bot will answer questions in real time, resulting in faster decision making for employees. An HR bot creates an effective approach to answering crucial questions such as “Can I take a paid leave?” or “When do we get paid?”

Also the HR team can train the HR bot to recognize frequently asked questions, allowing fewer questions to be responded by HR over time. This frees up the HR department to work on more strategic issues.

  1. HR bots can create more efficient processes by collecting employee:

AnHR bot can be used for more than just answering questions. These bots can be used to gather employee data to make calculated decisions and create more efficient processes.

HR bot of PeopleQlik’s HR Software, which can collect real-time analytics to see what kind of questions employees are frequently asking. Let’s say that a majority of employees are asking questions about health reimbursement delays. This data could indicate that something in the system isn’t working properly.

An HR personnel could detect the issue and let employees know that a solution is being implemented before things get out of hand. HR teams could also look at employee data being collected via a bot to run sentiment analysis to understand employee satisfaction rates.

PeopleQlik’s Payroll Software for calculation of taxes, allowances and wages. It supports tax calculation for over 45 countries globally by default. In other words, PeopleQlik is an all in one HR & Payroll Solutions.

Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing

Cloud is a often used as a metaphor for internet. Its a virtual space which allows users from all over the globe to connect, share and store data or information.


Its key advantages are as follows;

 1.Easy Set-Up: 

Cloud computing service can be set up in a matter of minutes. It is quite simple to adjust your individual settings, such as password setting or selecting which devices you want to connect to the network.

 2.More Space: 

Previously, you would need a USB drive to backup your current device if you ran out of memory. As Cloud computing provides increased storage, so now you won’t have to worry about running out of space on your hard drive.

 3.Automatic Updates: 

The Cloud HR computing provider will automatically notify you about updates and provide you with instructions, this means you don’t need to be an expert to update your device and your time will be saved.

 4.Global Access:

This means that business employees can work from home or on business trips, without having the need to carry documents around. This allows faster exchange of information and increases productivity.


Numerous cloud computing apps are available for free, such as Dropbox. Cloud service is paid for incrementally on a monthly or yearly basis if you need payable service. By choosing a plan without contract, you only pay for the services when you need them.

HR Software.jpg


Like pros, there are a few cons of this technology, which are;


Security issue can be caused as users from all over the world are accessing the same server. As data could possibly be harmed by viruses and other malware so companies handling confidential information might be particularly concerned about using cloud computing. That said, some servers come with customizable spam filtering, SSL enforcement for secure HTTPS access and email encryption among other security measures.


Cloud computing service comes with the risk of unauthorized users accessing your information. For protection, cloud computing services operate on secure servers with data encryption technology and offer password protection.

 3.Less Control: 

Cloud computing providers control the users, including not only how much you have to pay to use the service, but also what information you can store, where you can access it from, and many other factors. You are at risk of losing all your information if their servers stop working.

 4.Internet Reliance: 

If you don’t have Internet access at your location, you won’t be able to open any of the documents you have stored in the cloud.Cloud computing is a new technology that will only become more popular with time. Also, cost will decrease as more people adopt the technology, which is great news for any sensible businessperson.

For example, PeopleQlik cloud payroll and HR Software offers many advantages that could immediately benefit your business. Its user friendly interface allows each employee of your company to operate it easily without costly trainings.

PeopleQlik Cloud Payroll Software lets you calculate salaries, taxes and allowances and also distribute them on time.

Monitor payrolls of employees with Payroll Software

To explain the relationship between payoff and employee engagement first of all we must know what the actual meaning of payoff is. The word payoff is related to word payment. It’s a payment made to someone by an organization or an employer to its employee or worker as a bribe Reward or on leaving a job.

The word profit, gain, dividends and payback are also known as payoff. On the other hand Employee Engagement is a relationship between an employee and its organization. An Engaged employee means that he is very absorbed in his work and very sincere to its organization.

A famous quote “to win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace”.

According to this quote if an organization wants to get maximum profit in market first of all an organization or employer should have maximum understanding and satisfactory relation with its engaged employees. Employees are the most important and the main asset of an organization but organizations mostly don’t invest time and money to ensure whether their employees are engaged or not. It usually happens because organizations get confused between employee satisfaction and employee engagement. Basically employee satisfaction is related to its 9 to 5 daily job in which he work for the organization and get his paycheck.


However, employee engagement is either sincerity or emotional attachment to work and his job. His goal is clear and he is committed towards the benefit of its organization. So an organization should have some proper planning with their Human Resource Management Department to ensure that its employees are loyal to the organization or not. Organizations whose employees are engaged with their work are earning more than other organizations.

In other words, engaged employees delivers high quality service and sincerity towards their work which leads to higher customer satisfaction and customer attraction which in return generate higher sales and commissions which in return gives an organization higher profit margin which in results gives a higher shareholders returns. So to get the maximum shareholder returns and higher profit an organization should ensure whether its employees are engaged or not and invest in their employee engagement to get best out of them.

In today’s busy life it is quite difficult to manage your corporation’s employee data , recruitment of new talent and managing HR, so HR software is the best solution to this problem.

PeopleQlik’s Payroll Software is user friendly, efficient and cost effective software. Through it you can manage payroll, recruitment and all hr issues.


Comparison between functions of Human Resource and Payroll Department

Human Resources Management and payroll are two distinct areas of your business. Human resources primarily deal with employee relations, while payroll handles the payment of employees. Each department has its distinct functions, but they often intersect. For example, when an employee is hired or fired, when a worker wants some time off or when someone gets a raise.

Functions of HR:

HR involves recruitment, promotions, reassignments, payroll determination, classifying and grading positions, consultation and coaching of management and employees for conduct and performance evaluations, company policy development, personnel data maintenance, worker’s compensation, employee benefits and employee assistance programs.

Human resources department should have keen understanding of federal, state and local labor laws. This includes laws pertaining to employment discrimination, equal salary, family and medical leave, the Fair Labor Standards act, accommodations for disabled workers, new hire reporting and workplace safety.

Functions of Payroll:

Payroll concerns include calculating time cards, commissions, bonuses, retroactive pay, severance pay, holiday pay, overtime, salaries and employee reimbursements and benefit time such as sick, vacation and personal days. Payroll also makes deductions from employee’s salaries for taxes, health and life insurance, wage garnishment, flexible spending accounts and retirement investments.

HR Software-05-06-2017

Payroll works with finance department to ensure that wage deductions and other payroll expenses are properly reported and paid. Your payroll staff should have proper understanding of federal, state and local wage and hour and employment tax laws.

Inter-related Duties:

HR and payroll must work together for both departments to run smoothly. When HR hires or terminates an employee, it forwards the necessary paperwork to payroll so the employee can be paid. HR sends the employees performance reviews to payroll, which calculates the amounts that employees should receive going forward. Sick, vacation and leave balances are tracked by both HR and Payroll; the information is forwarded to supervisors and managers so they can effectively schedule leave requests.

Role in strategic planning:

Both HR and payroll are included in strategic planning meetings so appropriate company goals can be established. Human resources staff knows how to find the right employees for your business, the training and development tools your employees need to grow and how to implement change in workplace processes and systems.

Payroll staff can deliver you with solutions for strengthening security and efficiency. It includes conducting internal audits to reduce the risk of embezzlement and developing alternatives for paying employees in the event of a disaster.

Nowadays, cloud HR and Payroll software is available in market, which minimizes the workforce and workload of employees. This saves your company a lot of bucks. Companies can use PeopleQlik’s HR Software to make training process user-friendly and less costly. Instead of costly and time-consuming training exercises, employers can use training modules of PeopleQlik to enhance employee performance and skill set.

PeopleQlik’s Payroll Software calculates taxes and makes deductions and deductions in accordance to those taxes. It’s a user-friendly way to manage payroll and HR.