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Reinforce your Organization’s Business with HR Software in Saudi Arabia

Since payroll is an important part of employee management, providing the latest solutions can help your business streamline processes and improve payroll accuracy. There is so much confusion out there when selecting the best HR software because many digital solutions are not up to the mark and clients then don’t invest much in these type of solutions.

HR Software in Saudi Arabia which help you to gain new heights of success for you company by managing all the enterprise HR functions. Its Payroll Software in Saudi Arabia can also relieve you from all the worries of payroll management.

There are many ways in which Cloud HR Software in Saudi Arabia can help you ease your tasks.

Payroll Management:

As the name suggests, this module would automatically calculate the monthly pay checks of your employees based on the hours they have worked in total, as well as any retirement plans, deductions for taxes. It also takes into account any additional pay, bonuses or promotions.

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Time & Attendance Management:

Since employees will be able to digitally log their attendance, now keeping track of the hours worked by an employee is a hassle-free process. This feature also records sick leaves and vacations. This payroll software has time and attendance built in, while others may require integrating with an attendance module.

Report Generation:

This feature generates compensation analysis, deduction analysis, gross-to-net payroll register, and more – is one of the most important features of a payroll application, this software will offer reporting templates, but user can also create reports.

Benefits Management:

This module can come as a separate module or built-in, depending upon the requirement. Businesses will be able to keep track of benefits offered like vacation/sick leaves, insurance and retirement, among other benefits.

Employee Portal:

A self-service employee portal is becoming an increasingly common feature in HR Software in Saudi Arabia nowadays, Employees can access the portal via a mobile app or web browser, regardless of the location, and view – as well as make changes – to current pay stub. They will also be able to access all the HR information, and their own personal information.

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Become untouchable in business by using Automated Solution for HR Department in Saudi Arabia

It is time for HR Software revolution. For far too long we have been dismantled and outsourced, denied the respect we so appropriately merit, and endured an amazing kickback when we attempt to settle the issues of our constituents.In my view it’s no longer sufficient to review our organizational models on the other hand the complexity of our frameworks to take care of these issues.

It’s much greater than this.Our very future hangs in the balance, wave after wave of new technologies and innovations have totally changed the employee experience, and they continue to do so. There’s no reason the next generation of top Fortune 100 CEOs can’t come from HR. But they won’t if we continue in this manner, not this way.

PeopleQlik is a cloud based HR Software in Saudi Arabia should helps in automating tasks, keeping record sand staying compliant. It should also give HR staff the tools to discover and retain talent. Its Strategic HR systems focus on hiring, retaining and developing talent, also known as talent management. These look at recruiting, performance management, training and development.

HR Software in Saudi Arabia

Full automation provides rules, policies, and regulations which are applied consistently across the whole system, simplifying complex processes and helping you manage compliance according to geographical location. While services vary from vendor to vendor, most of the following products offer a mix of the following features:

· Employee self-service

· Cloud Payroll Software at its best

· Performance management

· Time / Attendance track

· Reporting and analytics

· Applicant tracking and onboarding

· Compensation and succession planning

· Mobile access

· Facility to capture all necessary employee data fields ranging from personal to work details.

· Easy tools to do different life cycle executions like expansion, affirmation, acquiescence, and so forth.

· Maintain complete work history in terms of transfers,promotions, incident reports, or other status changes.

· Powerful search and questioning abilities to rapidly find,expend or update employee information.

· Data APIs to easily integrate other internal or externalapplications.

· Automated HR Software in Saudi Arabia features streamline tedious errands, bringing down authoritative weights and boosting

· Rules, policies, and regulations are applied consistently across the board

· Integrate the solution with your existing systems so your operation won’t miss a beat


Contact Details:
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Email: sales@alrasmyat.com.sa
Web: http://www.alrasmyat.com.sa
Address: Alrasmyat, 4th floor-City Tower,
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HR Software is a Safe Investment with a Big Payoff

In just a few short years, HR technology solutions have gone from a glowing ember to a full-on blaze. Early solutions in the field were not up to the mark and barebones, as most software is in its infancy, and especially in areas where existing solutions don’t yet exist. But, as companies provided their products into users’ hands and assessed the feedback and needs of HR professionals, they were able to target their focus to the issues facing the industry.

HR Software in Saudi Arabia which offers robust, and more importantly, stable tools for managing multiple facets of HR operations. Payroll Software in Saudi Arabia is also built keeping in mind all the needs of organization financial operations. It is a complete Swiss knife set for your HR department.

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By using this software, you can improve results and lower costs with incorporation of this software into your organization. In many small to mid-sized organizations, the HR manager faces a dilemma. You’d like to spend more time in improving the overall work interface for your employees. You want to help company management find ways to save on workforce-related costs, find and hire better talent.

But most days, you are stuck doing paperwork. The routine administration involved in day-to-day HR operations drains away the majority of your available time and energy. Cloud HR Software in Saudi Arabia automation frees up valuable time that you can spend on more strategic initiatives.

It equips you with basic talent management software enables companies to manage their human capital by providing a great variety of tools for recruiting employees, administering and tracking employee performance, and enabling different standards of compensation for employees based on their performance. So definitely investing in digital solution for your HR department will be turn to be big turning point for your organization.

Digital Transformation in HR Attracts a Large Range of New Opportunities

People nowadays expect to have a similar perks at work to that they enjoy as a consumer. The ensuing Consumerization of HR has already fuelled the shift from employee engagement to employee experience. Many organization claim to give all the rights to their workforce but even if they genuinely want to achieve this objective, they face many hardships to overcome this. Along with that there is much unemployment among youth and women. The need to respond to the changes in the international market especially due to ongoing innovation in technology

HR is ripe for innovation. If you’ve got a great idea, it’s just about figuring out where that idea fits into market. An important thing is to think about what you have achieved in past through HR department.

HR Software in Saudi Arabia, which provides an innovative solution for all your core HR functions. All your previous menial tasks can be automated by using this software. Its Payroll Software in Saudi Arabia is very robust solution to handle very efficiently overall payroll operations.

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This HR Software in Saudi Arabia helps you to gain more advantage from the human capital, which is necessary to understand the needs and deployment of the human resource at hand. Managing HR problems more efficiently is basically an art, as you have to tap into the data but also deal with the element of interacting with people and caring for them. You don’t have to explicitly master this art by using this software. It is very easy to use HR software that can be even viewed on mobile devices, allowing managers and employees to deal with HR issues on the go.

Its offers many built-in functions like talent acquisition and development and motivating employees to unleash their full potential along with managing human resource in most efficient manner. A balanced approach is required as some organization become more centralized, treating employees as valuable assets in the business mechanism.

There are multiple Cloud HR Software in Saudi Arabia in which are floating in the market however most of them are either difficult to use or are inefficient in one dimension or the other but our HR Software is one answer to many of your problems.

Empower the people who drive your business with HR Software

The fast wind of the cloud is everywhere now. Use of cloud computing, cloud storage, Public cloud and Private cloud have gotten popular. The cloud is creating a storm in the business world. 

HR Software in Saudi Arabia which helps you to carry out all your HR operations in the most efficient way. It enables small, medium and large enterprises to streamline core HR administration, talent management, workforce management, performance management and payroll processing on cloud anywhere, anytime at any device. Always stay in touch with your local regulatory bodies with Payroll Software

 When thinking about Human Resource management, the cloud makes a lot of sense. Implementing a cloud-based HR Software in organization helps your HR staff in many ways, of which the three most important ones are-


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Mobility and flexibility: 

The biggest benefit of moving HR related work to the cloud is the ability to access information from any device anywhere and anytime. Cloud software empowers employee by giving them the flexibility to access information. This HR software removes all the paperwork of the HR processes. Requests like days off, update personal information, etc. can be processed easily. 

Easy to implement: 

Say goodbye to days spent going back and forth to different employees and managers to collect information. It has made this just a matter of few clicks. The innovation has let us integrate other organizational applications with HR Software in Saudi Arabia which reduces the efforts of implementing a software and does not interrupt the day to day work. 


Should confidential HR data stay on the internet? Are the advantages of automatic HR work worth taking a risk? These questions haunt the companies who are still thinking about adopting a Cloud HR Software in Saudi Arabia. Your data stays secured throughout the whole communication channel and it is built upon many security layers. Any future security patches are easily applied to cloud HR software.

Unmask the secrets to success using HR Software

According to recent research, most businesses are shifting towards cloud-based solutions. Cloud based solutions reduce the upfront investment cost and provide many billing features. Previously whenever an organization needed the software solution they tend to hire the development experts and explicitly elaborate all the requirements. This is not the case with modern solutions because they have become more like plug-n-play.

PeopleQlik is a cloud based HR Software in Saudi Arabia, which was built keeping in mind major focus on producing measurable business results: productivity, job performance, retention trend, and ultimately, output results. Let’s look at many ways this HR software improves the way you do business and the adds the value to your existing workflow. Since payroll is an important part of employee management, PeopleQlik’s Payroll Software in Saudi Arabia provides you with the latest solution that can help your business streamline processes and improve payroll accuracy.


More Time Efficient Feedback Options:

While the annum performance review has certain merits that may anchor it in place for the forecast future, timely feedback is something that is becoming in demand more than ever. With the expectation in place, you can expect to see this Cloud HR Software in Saudi Arabia offering options that make it simple to instantly provide feedback using various options.

Primary Focus on Employee well being:

Smart companies know that employee wellness directly impacts productivity, retention, and of course attendance. Acquainting with wellness programs and sick days goes a little way towards addressing wellness issues, but this software can help companies to take it even farther if they put the right options in place.

A Wider Range of Predictive Analytics:

At this point, predictive analytics can be applied to HR data in order to forecast workforce needs, possible turnover trends, and a couple of other things that can help with business decisions. As the predictions become more accurate by using this software in your organization, you can witness the major indicators to help you in future decision making. Its Cloud HR Software solution supports HR to be an astonishing tactical enabler by improving your decision making with right data at the right time.


HR Software: Cost Center or Value Contributor?

Is your existing HR department a value contributor or a necessary cost center? For most businesses of any kind, HR is the department we most love to hate. It requires personnel, resources, and time, but it doesn’t necessarily move you forward toward your long-term goals. Thanks to recent advancement of cloud computing, that’s all changing.

Alrasmyat’s HR Software in Saudi Arabia which can fully optimize all your HR operations. The key is to consider how the activities of HR will improve overall performance, giving them better tools to perform their jobs more effectively. The focus is both on the relation (employee, manager) and process (completing paperwork). Basically it can help you to improve many of your existing operations like Higher productivity, Increased employee engagement, Reduced administrative time, Higher work software adoption rates, Better information for decision-making. Its Cloud HR Software in Saudi Arabia can help you in HR Management with many built-in features.

Prediction Analytics — Ease of access to large volumes of data, along with the ability to extract information and monitor user patterns, giving you the ability to answer key questions and predict trends in different departments like recruiting, turnover, compensation, and risk calculation. It helps you solve workforce business challenges, producing increased retention rates and higher engagement.

HR Software in Saudi Arabia

End-user experience — Optimized user-oriented HR Software in Saudi Arabia designs create higher adoption rates among employees and greater satisfaction on the job. Better user experiences make employees more efficient with their time, which translates into higher productivity.

Standard Administrative Processes — Performance reviews, candidate shortlisting, interviews conduct, and other processes can be standardized across the organization for greater optimization. Legacy processes can be updated to represent new organizational values and workforce best practices. Reduced administrative time helps both managers and employees maximize output and increase productivity.

Flexibility When you tend to use all operations in the cloud, your employees can work from anywhere. Managers can conduct performance reviews from any available gadget, and employees with flexible work arrangements can log their sessions in and out from home. Productivity flourishes and employees enjoy the perks to telecommute, which can result in greater job satisfaction, better performance , and better relationships with supervisors.